Academic Tutoring

Our highly qualified employees provide academic tutoring in all subjects for grades K through 12. We offer 30 to 60 minute tutoring sessions depending on the individual's needs. 


  • Food Explorers - This class encourages children to explore new food options within their diet. They will be able to discover different flavors and textures of food in a fun and messy way!
  • Peer Groups - For individuals of all ages we offer evidence based social skills intervention for those interested in learning ways to make and maintain relationships, conversations, play skills and friendships.
  • Super Siblings - This is a customized class built to suit the communication needs between the child and his/her siblings.
  • Creative Minds - This class inspires children to express themselves through another form of communication. The children will participate in fun and engaging art / sensory activities to help stimulate the mind.
  • Adaptive Movement - A class that combines dance and yoga to help build self-awareness of the body and mind.
  • College Bound - This class supports individuals interested in making the transition between high school and college. With increasing demands we offer support in interviewing, resumes and application processes etc. College bound discusses vocational opportunities and functional daily living skills.

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